We focus on the development, manufacture and sale of quality generic medications, and by offering high-quality, lower-cost alternatives to proprietary medications, we’re striving to reduce the overall costs of healthcare. With a quality system at the center of our operations and by providing a state-of-the-art supply chain, our products are differentiated by Effectiveness, Affordability, Having a low level of side effects, Reliability, Availability, and Safety from similar products in the market.

We strive to convert scientific innovation into hope and solutions for patients. Our deep customer relationships, quality medicines and consistently delivered promise make us a trusted brand.


Pharmacovigilance involves identifying, quantifying, assessing and preventing risks associated with the use of drugs that are already on the market. The aims are:

Earlier detection of as-yet unknown adverse drug reactions and interactions

Identifying increasing frequency rates of known adverse drug reactions

Identifying and minimizing the risk factors of adverse reactions, and their possible underlying causes

Estimating the quantitative aspects of the benefit/risk balance of drugs, and diffusing that information to improve regulation and rates of prescription

As a marketing authorization holder, ODS Pharma has an obligation in law for Pharmacovigilance implementation. A number of tools and processes are used to fulfill this obligation:

Detection, management and follow-up of reports of adverse reactions received from patients, caregivers, interested organizations and health professionals (physicians, pharmacists, etc.)

Electronic communication with the EMEA to report fast-acting adverse reactions

Creation of periodic updates and reports on safety

Creation of risk management plans