About us

ODS is a German company that develops, manufactures and internationally markets well-proven high-quality oncology medications, while also making them more affordable for everyone.

Since its initiation, ODS has grown into a premier European cGMP and adheres to the strictest industry standards for quality assurance. We apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchase and delivery of our products to provide safety for our clients and develop a strong presence in many emerging generics markets. Our aim is to create sustainable value for healthcare.

Creating Sustainable Value for Healthcare

Delivering a better, healthier and more affordable future for patiens


ODS Pharma GmbH, is pharmaceutical company aimed to make high quality oncology products available globally. Patients are our first priority. We work together to create healthier world in which all patients with Cancer has access to high quality products, no matter who or where they are.Our passion is to deliver a better, healthier and more affordable future for patients with cancer across the world, at affordable cost


We will be a provider of high-quality, affordable oncology medicines, helping patients with cancer gain secure access to affordable healthcare.

We will cross the boundaries of traditional generic products and supply innovative technologies that are accessible and affordable for everyone.


Economic considerations are factored into everything we do, but we never lose sight of our high standards of quality. Our goal is better and more cost-effective medical care for all. This is achieved through consistent, high levels of competence in all areas of the company, from product optimization and development; logistics; and approval, production, marketing and sales.